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Maintenance of aircraft components - GENERAL INFORMATION:

The maintenance centre is a licensee according to the regulation EASA Part 145 in the extent given by the licence. This licence complies with the conditions set in international regulations and is approved by the Civil Aviation Authority. The system is inspected by European Aviation Safety Agency "EASA".

The maintenance centre of aircraft components is the basic organization division of company FORTE a.s. Mostkovice. It continues calibrations and repairs of electronic equipment and aviation engineering of aircrafts and helicopters of the types   L-29 Delfín, Mig-21, Mi-8.

Currently we focus mainly on aircraft components of aviation engineering for sports, agriculture and transport purposes.
We manage approved sites for verification and repairs of wide variety of aircraft components. Their range is continuously widened and updated at these pages.

At close neighbourhood of the company premises there is a private domestic airfields Stichovice.

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